Sunday, July 20, 2008

The unusual Ms. Posey

Perhaps because I have a predisposition toward indie films, I have had the opportunity to meet Parker Posey twice so far. The first time was at Fay Grim, the Hal Hartley sequel to Henry Fool.

First, I thought the movie was absolutely terrible; I hadn't ever seen Henry Fool, but I don't think that's was a major sticking point. The issue was that this is a very intellectual type of indie for serious indie art movie nerds who like to discuss literary criticism and think about politics and the world. In short, I'm sure it played very well in, say, San Francisco. But in my world, where I like even my indies with a fart joke or two, it was kind of excruciating. Not that there weren't funny moments in there - there were - but my brain was too busy being beaten down by the heavy-handed symbolism to really enjoy it, so I just shut down and fought (and perhaps failed) the urge to stay awake.

The junket wasn't much better as Posey, it appears, is a bit of a, well, space cadet stoner type. And she sat at the table (it was a roundtable) doodling on a piece of paper, as though making eye contact with any of us would be way too much for her, and as though even she was bored by what Hartley was saying.

The next time I met her, however, was slightly better. At least because I liked the movie -- Broken English, another indie by Zoe Cassavetes about a single thirtysomething New Yorker looking for love. Sounds predictable, but it was kind of the anti-Bridget Jones (not that I don't love everything Bridget Jones) in just the right way and hit you right in the solar plexus with all the bittersweet amazingness. It was terrific and the male lead, Melvil Poupaud who was so surprisingly soulful that you totally forget that his last name sounds like Poop-O.

Anyhow, the junket for this one was TV, so I got to chat with the girls about how dreamy he was. Parker seemed far less zoned out this time, although someone started coughing up a storm during the interview and I think they both started calling into the hallway to see if he/she/it was dying.

Well, that wasn't very exciting, was it?

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