Friday, July 4, 2008

Californiaaaaaaaa, Here we cooooommmmeeeeee

Archive time again. Last year I covered In the Land of Women, a fairly unmemorable romantic dramedy featuring Kristen Stewart (why do people like her?), The O.C.'s Adam Brody, and Meg Ryan's giant plastic fish lips. The movie was written and directed by Jon Kasdan, son of the weighty writer/director Lawrence Kasdan (you know -- The Big Chill, Body Heat, The Accidental Tourist, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark -- need I continue?).

As I said, the movie wasn't so great, showing that either talent isn't necessarily genetic OR that it was the guy's first effort and you've got to learn somehow.

Anyhow, the junket was a little odd. It was roundtable sized, but in press conference format (translation: we were seated in rows in a big room with the 'talent' up on the dais, but there weren't very many journos there). But whatever, it was fine. Adam Brody was fine, Jon Kasdan was very nervous about doing okay.

The exciting part is that that night Josh and I were having dinner with my uncle who was in town for a medical conference or something of that sort. We went to Jar, a fancy but not too narcissistic steak restaurant on the edge of BH (sidenote: Jar = yum). Lo an behold I see Adam Brody and Jon Kasdan at the next table. I figured they wouldn't remember me (God knows how many people interviewed them over the course of that day, or any day, for that matter), but I decided it was still appropriate to march over there, since I had been at their junket that morning and all.

So I went over, said hi, told them I'd been at their junket (true), probably told them I liked the movie (not so much true), told Jon he'd done a perfectly fine job at the junket and he didn't need to be so nervous (back to true again). They were very nice, and also, might I add, rather drunk considering that they were having dinner and not just at a bar. But whatever, Adam Brody is like 22 or something, so why not? I also informed him that he seems like the love child of Tom Hanks and... someone else equally as ridiculously likeable (hey, it was last year). He is (for you fogies) best known for starring in The O.C., a v popular teen show that ended a couple of years back. I'd never watched that, so I wasn't v familiar with him. What I discovered during this movie is that he did a great job with what he had to work with and looks like he could seriously fill the nice-guy romantic lead nitche easily should he get the chance.

So I gushed all over them, went back to my table proudly, and then five minutes later noticed someone else went over to chat with them, at which point I realized I had broken the seal and now other patrons thought it was appropriate to bug them during their dinner and that I was an asshole. Oh well.

On an unrelated note, it is the night of the Fourth of July right now, which means it is 3400 degrees in my house at this moment and that my neighbors are just killing themselves with glee setting off their own fireworks and giving my dog a heart attack. I will not be sad when tonight is over. I may hope they blow of their hands, just a little.

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