Sunday, June 29, 2008

In which I am surprised by celebuspawn

Last week the studio was piggybacking their junkets, likely due to the possible pending SAG strike. So in addition to Step Brothers (note: for various dull reasons, the Step Bros junket post has the wrong date attached; that blog was updated last week, not in April, as I am not able to see the future -- yet), I also covered House Bunny.

House Bunny is a comedy starring Anna Farris as a playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the bunny mansion and then finds the most similar job she can--as a house mother for a sorority. Personally, I wasn't overwhelmed by the movie, which is a shame, as I liked the idea and love Anna Farris. Regardless, you do have to give it up for the female-written, female-lead comedy, so everyone should rush out and buy a ticket. For some reason, my male friends were warmer on this one -- likely because they were lulled into submission by all the cleavage. Whatever works.

Anyhow, junket was standard junket, which means several of the girls from the movie were trotted out onto the dais, along with the two writers. Because it was a press conference, that means the audience was big, although not horrifyingly so. Even during the big ones, if you get there when you're supposed to, you can snag a seat in the front/second row for proper celeb-gawking if that's your thing. It also means it was a mix of American press, foreign press, online press, radio press, and print press. In other words, a motley crew of characters, each of whom have their factions, and none of whom are too fond of one another.

The foreign press, as is their want, asked Rumer Willis (i.e. Demi Moore & Bruce Willis's daughter, who is now getting into acting) a ton of rude questions about her famous parents. Note: Foreign press is known for asking personal questions, therefore it is the convention amongst the rest of us to hate them.

The radio people all seemed to have some sort of insane group brain malfunction in which they would burst in with a new question before the talent had finished answering a previous one (um, hello, not good, we need the quote) and/or when the studio people had clearly indicated another journalist was to ask the next question. In short, there was a hint of clusterfuck action happening amongst the journos. Not sure what the deal was.

As for the talent, Anna Faris was like you'd expect. Very pretty, very cute, bubbly, sweet. Emma Stone was sarcastic and funny, and didn't get nearly enough questions (even though I was lukewarm on the movie, she was great, and I think she might break out). The real surprise was, in fact, Rumer Willis, who was, to my shock, poised, gracious, and lovely. I am an unapologetic fan of (blogger) Perez Hilton, who is rather fascinated with calling her 'potato head' when he posts pictures of her (kinda true) and pointing out the slight ridiculousness of her wanting to go into the family biz. So, in short, I had a bias and I expected her to kind of be a brat.

Turns out that as much as she might not be the most, er, conventional beauty, she seems like a really well-raised kid and wasn't snotty in the least. Very mature, very grateful to get to work, very soft- and well-spoken, handled the 3400 rude personal questions with absolute aplomb. I am now, in short, officially rooting for her. Who knew?