Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful

The other excitement of my recent Cake Eaters junket was interviewing Mary Stuart Masterson, who directed the movie. Like many people of my age, Some Kind of Wonderful was a seminal movie during my upbringing. I resisted the urge, however, to ask her how enjoyable it was on a scale of 1-10 to make out with Eric Stoltz.

Mary Stuart Masterson was, in person, a little more feminine than I think you'd expect--if by feminine you mean she was wearing a flowy flowery bohemian type shirt and some dangly jewelry, which I do. She basically looked exactly like she used to (hair a little longer than, you know, when she was a tomboy drummer), but slightly older. Mostly she's aging very very well. Also, unlike people who put their middle name or whatever into their stage name for SAG purposes (this means you, Philip Seymour Hoffman), MSM officially goes by Mary Stuart. Fascinating.

The most exciting part of the interview for me was when someone brought up the fact that the movie dealt with an older 20-something guy dating a high school age girl. I informed the table that my husband had referred to it as 'The best movie about statutory rape he'd ever seen," and was rewarded with a huge laugh. The writer (who was on the phone for the interview) suggested they put that on the poster. Ah, Mary Stuart Masterson thinks I am hilarious.

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