Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Let's start with honesty: this is not a good movie. It wasn't as terrible as I expected; in fact, it could have been far worse. But let's just say you will be missing nothing if you decide to stay home and watch Supernanny reruns that night instead. Frankly, the book wasn't that exciting either, which is surprising considering that it was a mass seller that has spawned several sequels. But it wasn't until after I saw the movie and then got a copy of the book that I realized I'd actually read it before and had evidently forgotten it entirely. Yup.

The junket for this one was another press conference in two parts. Part 1 - a bunch of people that don't matter much along with Isla Fisher, whom you will know as A. the movie's lead, B. the crazy chick from Wedding Crashers, and C. Sasha Baron Coen (Borat)'s wife. She is very nice and very grateful to have work and very tiny and cute, and when you ask her questions that even border on personal life, she is capable of dismissing them politely (unlike some others I can think of) and without making the journalist feel like a giant turd. In short, she is lovely.

Second press conference featured the likes of Hugh Dancy (a bunch of stuff, but you probably don't know who he is unless you are a huge movie geek a la moi) and Kristen Scott Thomas, which was pretty exciting, what with her being Fiona in Four Weddings and A Funeral and Katharine from The English Patient and all. They were both normal, nice, whatever.

The most exciting part for me was that I had a 1:1 with producer Jerry Bruckheimer after the press conference was over. In fact, it was the very second the press conference was over; they actually called out my name to see if I was there to be brought up to his interview room.

Jerry Bruckheimer is like mega huge producer man. He produced Pirates of the Caribbean, Beverly Hills Cop, The Rock, and just about anything with an explosion and Nicholas Cage in it and grossed a zillion dollars. My friend whom I was doing the interview for was very excited about it and very nervous, which unfortunately got me nervous when usually I'm comfortable with 1:1s. But Jerry B is a big fish, so there you go.

I thought with a name like Bruckheimer he was a member of the tribe, but after meeting him I have concluded that he is actually just a tiny, intense German-ancestry type. I had a full 15 minutes with him and he enjoyed very much giving me 1 word answers and making me work for every second of it. Not that he was mean; he wasn't. And he was happy to talk about other projects, etc. But seriously, not a verbose man. Weirdly, he noticed my crazy socks and at some point broke off and complimented me on them and said they would be perfect for the character of Suze in Shopaholic. Suze, mind you, is the one who wears weird shit. I don't know if that was a compliment. 

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