Thursday, August 21, 2008

Luke Wilson, the best antidote

Right after my Christian Bale debacle with Rescue Dawn, I got to cover The Wendell Baker Story featuring all the Wilson boys. This was back when the company was still letting me cover indie movies with impunity and do TV interviews - those were the days.

Anyway, I figured Luke Wilson would be just the thing to pick me up after Christian Bale's 'tude, and thankfully I was right. I had an on-camera interview with him and his lesser-known brother, Andrew (he of the giant beard who is also in Idiocracy). Luke, it seems, is one of those people who is even more ridiculously gorgeous in person; I think a halo of light was actually emanating from behind his unearthly square jaw and sparkly eyes. Either that, or it was just the camera lighting.

They were chill in their chairs, laid back, and pleasant--likely because they are pleasant people and also because they like each other and it's nice to get to hang out with your brother all day if you're going to have to do trapped in a room doing interviews. We talked dog--always one of my favorite subjects--because it was Luke's dog in the movie and they warmed up especially.

In short, they restored my faith in celeb-humanity. So poo on you, Batman. That's what I say.

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  1. I hear that's just how batman likes it.

    Hot lunch, if you get where I'm going.

    Bob's yer uncle.